Kris Kringle Crunch Recipe Kit
Kris Kringle Crunch Recipe Kit

Kris Kringle Crunch Recipe Kit

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Santa wants to make a special treat for his elves.  They work so hard and he wants to shop his appreciation.  Your Precious Chef can read along and make  a special treat for their friends and family.  

 This storybook recipe kit combines popcorn, peppermint, chocolate cookie pieces, and other delicious ingredients.  

Contents:  All ingredients - pre-measured and heat sealed, storybook directions, supervising adult tip and allergen card.

Paper chef hat, wooden spoon, and coloring pages may be purchased separately.

Allergens: wheat, dairy, soy, some ingredients may be processed in facilities that also process nuts and tree nuts.

Choose between: Original, Gluten-Free and Nut-Free

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