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Precious Chef Recipe Mini Kits

Precious Chef Recipe Mini Kits

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Would you like to try Precious Chef Storybook Recipe kits, but you are sure?  Our mini kits are a great way to introduce you and your little ones to our product.  The mini kit has a little less ingredients, thus it does not make quite as much.  Also, unlike the other kits, it does not come with a chef hat, wooden spoon, and mini coloring book.

Due to supply chain issues, the wooden spoon may not be included in the kit.

There are 3 options to select from.

Flat rate shipping of $6.  

Mini kits include:  Elwin & the Apprentice Wizard; Momma Llama and the 11 Little Llamas (gluten Free & Nut Free option); and Spelling Bea.

Kosher Option - If you would like your kit to be Kosher, when ordering your kit, write "Kosher Ingredients" in the comment box on the order form.

Kosher Clarification

This storybook recipe kit combines various cereals, chocolate covered candies, pretzels, candy melts, and other delicious ingredients.  All but 1 of the ingredients purchased to make this kit were label certified OU.

One ingredient is certified CRC.  **If gluten free or nut free is needed, leave a comment when ordering a Kosher kit.

Included in each kit:  Most, if not all, pre-measured and heat sealed ingredients; Storybook Recipe directions; Tip and allergens card for supervising adults.  Reminder - mini kits DO NOT include the chef hat, wooden spoon, or mini coloring book (even though they are in some of the pictures).


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